Insect repellent no more! Killing bugs that has entered your premises with chemicals may end up causing more damage to our kids and ourselves. Prevention is better than cure. Why not keep them out of your house in the first place? Salioconcept makes customized insect screens with magnetic rubber for your entire home. You can elegantly fix it on your door, window or other furniture pieces of practically any shapes and sizes! Try us! Also known as mosquito netting or mosquito screen, these gadgets prevent deadly bugs from coming in while still maintaining the flow of fresh air. The best part is that it complements and beautifies your elegant home decor. It is a form of window screening made of metal that is easy to wash. Technology has been patented in Singapore.

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  • Motorised Screen
  • Roller insect Screen
  • Insect Screen
  • Pet Screen
  • Sun Screen
  • Solar Screen
  • Retractable Ex Screen
  • Retractable Maxi Screen
  • Vista Screen
  • EZ Screen
  • Security Screen

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As a specialist in insect screen and mosquito net in Malaysia , Salioconcept ensures that your whole family is well-protected. We make it our mission to take care of the well-being of everyone in your home by keeping insects and mosquitoes at bay. Your safety is our duty. We are located in Johor Bahru and Singapore but we also serve clients in Penang , KL and other parts of Malysia


Did you know?

When an Aedes mosquito bites a person, along with its saliva, virus enters his body and attaches itself to the white blood cells. It replicates within the cell rapidly and travels around the body into organs such as liver and bone marrow. In most cases, vomiting, rashes and fever of up to 40 degree Celsius will occur. Also known as breakbone disease, the ordeal of having dengue fever is severely agonizing, as though one’s bones are breaking. Dengue fever can be life-threatening for people with low blood pressure where fatality rate goes as high as 26%. Kids, especially are at risk of developing complications from this condition. It is not worthwhile risking one’s lives. Find out more about our mosquito screens.


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