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Our company is committed to ensuring quality and service in all our products and dealings with customers. Our products have since been widely distributed and used in Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The company also has a well-established reputation for being innovative and in providing quality services in Singapore. With experiences in installing for homes, offices, hotels, chalets, hostels, hospitals and overseas projects (About Team and Customer), we are confident that we can provide you with the best product and service. We offer the most efficient and technically advanced insect screen available on the market. The screens are magnetically sealed against the window frames and are constructed of specially developed materials of the highest quality carrying an exclusive warranty. These quality materials will not rot or stain and are UV stabilized. Our products uses high quality material – US made Phifer material for the mesh, combined with Japan made magnetic strips and tensioning technologies for durable, lasting and attractive Screens that will complement any house or office.

About team and customer

Mr Toh is the director of Magnetic Insect Screen Pte Ltd. He has been in the insect screen field since 1997. He was the first to bring the first generation of magnetic insect screen into Singapore because he saw magnetic insect screen as a necessity here due to the tropical climate which easily breeds dengue mosquitoes and other pests. Subsequently, more products were introduced, including the pet screen and solar screen.

Mr Toh constantly sought to improve the magnetic insect screen products to ensure they kept up to the newest technology in the market. The second generation had better magnetic strips, screen material. In addition, Mr Toh also designed new handles and parts to make the products more durable and easier for homeowners to use. These new designs were successfully patented in June 2006 with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

In the later half of 2006, the third generation of magnetic insect screen was unveiled- the roller insect screen and automated insect screen. These were designed as Mr Toh saw that with different houses, there were different windows/ doors and homeowners often have different needs and lifestyles. The roller insect screen is designed with a simple press and release system to allow homeowners to easily open and close their windows/ doors. The automated insect screen is currently the most sophisticated product in the insect screen market. It comes fully automated with a remote control that allows homeowners to control the opening and closing of the insect screen from any corner of the house.

These insect screen products have been widely installed in Singapore on private landed properties, condominiums and HDB houses.

Furthermore, Mr Toh has led many prominent installations namely:

  • Peacehaven Nursing Home for the Aged, owned by The Salvation Army in Changi
  • NTU Students’ Hostels
  • Singapore High Commission Complex in BRUNEI
  • Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc
  • Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  • Changi Sailing Club
  • NUS Kent Vale Lecturer’s Apartment
  • Singapore Turf Club
  • Angsana Resort and Spa at Bintan
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Trinity Theological College
  • SAFTI Military Institute
  • Singapore High Commission Complex in Yangon
  • Army-Camp Complex in Mandai
  • JJ Drinks Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  • NTUC Resorts
  • Costa Sands Resort
  • U.S. Air Force, 497th Combat Training Squadron
  • NUS Department of Microbiology
  • Changi Prison, Bakery Factory
  • Istana
  • H.P.L at Bhutan Resort
  • Banyan Tree – Seychelles
  • St Luke’s Hospital for The Elderly
  • Singapore Embassy in Laos
  • Bengawan Solo Pte Ltd
  • Sentosa Cove
  • Embassy of Cambodia

Interlocking corner – Design Number D2008/571/G

Aluminium Frame with Magnetic Screen – Design Number D2010/765/G

Sliding Door with Magnetic Screen – Design Number D2010/764/J