J- Series – Monarch Window

  • Retractable Pleated Screen – with PP + PE mesh
  • Wide Adjustability – by cutting both in height and width
  • Replacement Main Screen Cartridge (RMSC) – is available
  • Double Door Kit (DDK) – converts 2 screens into a double screen
  • Compact Design – 15mm pleated mesh enables compact design of the unit
  • Manual Operation – smooth, quiet and safe operation & screen can stay where positioned on the rail
  • Handy for Painting – frames on the Main Screen Cartridge are covered by paintable aluminium frames
  • Easy Installation – “Face mount” with high-strength adhesive tape and “Recessed mount” with specially designed attachment

Single Panel

Max. Width: Up to 1,300mm
Max. Height: Up to 1,500mm

Double Panel

Max. Width: Up to 2,600mm
Max. Height: Up to 1,500mm

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