The insect screens of Salio Concept have good degree of sealing and high quality of workmanship. It is highly effective to block all types of insects. Our product is convenient to clean, does not destroy the structure of windows and doors, high value for money. It will bring a comfort living environment, nice scenery without any worry of mosquito’s bites.
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    What is the TERMS and CONDITIONS of WARRANTY?

    This warranty DOES NOT COVERED:

    • Ripping or tearing any parts of the screen.
    • Accidental Damage by Broken glass or any other materials.
    • Damage incurred by the screen not having been stored flat, bent excessively, left in direct sunlight, or close to direct heat source.
    • ONLY Security product range are subject to 10 years warranty
    • ONLY Somfy motors are subject to 5 years warranty
    • All products and services are subject to 1 year warranty
    • Customers will bear all transportation, delivery or handling charges if the warranty does not covered

    The products or exceeded the covering years.

    • Aluminium Frame Powder Coating – 10 Years
    • Accessories & workmanship – 1 Year
    • 304 S/S Mesh – 5 Years